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Tsunami Run

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Developer: 24PLAY
Categories: Action
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 155.8 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 18.11.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Tsunami Run is a game about a monster tsunami. In it, you will not have to prevent a catastrophe, but help a huge wave hit the city.

Destructive tsunami simulator for Android

This is an unusual mobile game. In it, you do not have to save people from the impending giant wave, but on the contrary: cause as much destruction as possible. You control the tsunami directly. Swipe right or left on your phone screen to change direction and try to swallow as many ships as possible to grow in size. Right in front of the shore, another test awaits you. The player will be asked to tap the smartphone screen as quickly as possible. It will also allow the wave to increase in size just before it hits the city. The final score depends on how big the tsunami turns out to be and how many buildings you manage to destroy.

Interestingly, the game provides the ability to control not only a giant wave. Other skins are available to the player, but to unlock them, you will have to go through several levels. With each new victory, you will get closer to unlocking the skin, and when the progress bar reaches 100%, all that remains is to watch the commercial.

What features the game has:

  • variety of skins : from tsunami and tornado to giant shark;
  • acquiring upgrades:
    • increasing size;
    • improving speed;
    • increasing the size of rewards.< /li>
  • for watching ads, you can activate the "Go Wild!" mode, in which the character size will be maximum, from the very beginning of the level:
  • control using swipes ;
  • the game is suitable for devices with any screen size;
  • short but fun levels.

Download Tsunami Run for Android and play for free , but the game contains frequent ads.

Tsunami Run for downloaded 0 times. Tsunami Run is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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