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The board game professes the principle of mobility: the inventory of such games is freely located inside the box, including the playing field, dice for moves, game pieces, money, and so on. The computer implementation of such games made it possible to simplify the task even more: now the rules of the board game are fixed in the program code and there is no need to rack your brains, argue until you are blue in the face about the interpretation of one or another element of the game.

However, with the development of computers and mobile devices, a new problem has arisen in front of the gamer: in an effort to implement all the new versions of popular desktop mechanics in a virtual format, the developers have oversaturated the market so much that now it’s not easy for an ordinary player to make a choice and download a certain game to pass another evening. Moreover, board games do not lend themselves to stable classification due to the blurring of the frames. However, there are several common subgenres:

  • Desktop strategies. The generalized rules come down to the following formula: a group of players is given a specific task, for example, to find a treasure on a mysterious island. Next, the players, using a numerical randomizer, determine the turn order and the number of allowed actions. At the same time, cards act on the players, the activation of which generates various events.
  • Classic board games. The category does not need a special introduction: everyone knows checkers, chess, backgammon, dominoes and many others.
  • economic managers. Games that replicate the mechanics of " Monopoly ". The bottom line is that having a starting capital, depending on the random events that are generated when it hits the card, the player must increase his personal fortune and drive his opponent into debt.