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In a broad sense, a racing game is a car simulator designed to simulate driving a vehicle. Depending on the complexity of the race are divided into arcade, realistic and destructible.

Distinctive features of arcade racing include the intentional distortion of the physical behavior of the car (the car is easier to drive, it does not take into account many control nuances such as a manual transmission, or a "heavy" reaction of the car).

As opposed to arcade racing, realistic car simulators try to take into account the slightest nuances of driving a car and give the gamer the maximum idea of ​​​​how a car should behave in real life.

Destructible racing focuses on the aftermath of car collisions, in short, on the physical model of the behavior of the car, ignoring to some extent other aspects of a typical simulator.

The first category includes the games in the Need for Speed ​​​​series (before Shift), Crazy Taxi , Colin McRae (closer to the arcade than to the simulator) and Gran Turismo . To the second - series MotoGP , F1, Euro Truck Simulator , NASCAR .

In the third category, the FlatOut series won particular fan love, especially the second part and its extended expansion Ultimate Carnage. WreckFest (updated FlatOut concept adjusted for modern graphics) and Burnout are also suitable here.

Recently, developers have been trying to release not a full-fledged, “pure” racing subgenre with an emphasis on either a simulator or an arcade, destructible component, but rather a mixed version: many releases contain a moderate physical model, realism with some interspersed arcade (subseries NFS Shift , for example).