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Role-playing computer games profess the same principle as desktop counterparts, adjusted for the sophistication of the game world, graphic capabilities and plot. In a broader sense, a role-playing computer game is considered as such if the player has the opportunity to "pump" the skills of one or several characters in the team. Accordingly, the indicators of the heroes are equal to the level of agility, strength, defense, endurance, range, and so on. Also, a typical role-playing computer game cannot be imagined without a system for gaining experience and quests (tasks).

Within the genre, the following areas can be distinguished:

  • Slashers. The subgenre follows the basic principle of role-playing games, but the emphasis is on the extermination of mobs, that is, hostile creatures. The more monsters he filled, the more powerful he pumped, he got more loot. Often in games of this genre, free exploration is open. An example is the Diablo , Sacred , Titan Quest series.
  • Classic role playing games. Classic RPGs follow the traditional formula: top-down view, many side quests, many hours of gameplay (usually divided into extensive story chapters) and a variety of game world (weapons, partners, loot, bosses). An example is the Neverwinter Nights series, Baldurs Gate .
  • Role playing in 3D. Further development of role-playing games. As a rule, 3D RPG is closely intertwined with action role-playing. However, if the action game focuses on speed and dynamism, forcing the player to turn on the reaction to events through the quick response system, then 3D role-playing games follow the same formula as classic role-playing games, adjusted for the graphic component and the view from the third or first person ( The Elder Scrolls , Gothic ).