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Under word games, it is customary to consider such games where the main element is the interaction between players solely with the help of words, or individual letters. Some word games allow interaction with artificial intelligence, or computer bots in a similar fashion.

Based on the criteria outlined above, the following subcategories of word games can be distinguished:

  • Cities. The rules of the game come down to guessing words that are also the names of cities (or settlements) with the condition that the next word must begin with the last letter of the previous one (London-Norilsk-Kerch-Chelyabinsk).
  • Guess the word . The computer program gives several clues that indirectly describe the hidden word. The player's task is to guess the encrypted word after several attempts.
  • Crossword . A game that is considered a word puzzle: it is necessary, within the given parameters (limits), to guess the encrypted words using an auxiliary hint, revealing all the lines.
  • Find a word . The player is given an encrypted table in which keywords are hidden or mixed. The player's task is to extract all possible words from the randomly composed letters.
  • Word game . The task is simple: the AI ​​gives the player a random word along the chain, according to which the next word must begin with the final letter of the last one (Star-Atmosphere-Bus-Sleep-Nakhodka-Albino-Elephant-Knife-Yelk-Cobra).