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Puzzle is a computer genre that combines logical, strategic and intuitive gameplay. As a rule, in order to solve mental problems, the player in such games will need serious brainstorming, ingenuity and the search for non-standard solutions (puzzle creators deliberately try to confuse the gamer based on a non-standard solution to the problem). For example, a typical puzzle is Rubik's Cube , which, with the development of technology, has also received a computer incarnation.

In general, the following subcategories can be distinguished in the puzzle genre:

  • Puzzle game with classic gameplay. Remember solitaire , tag , mahjong , Tetris , Sokoban - all these are representatives of the classic puzzle. At the same time, Tetris spawned many games of a similar format with a slightly modified structure, retaining the original concept: the player needs to stack the figures in such a way as to destroy them in rows where additional conditions differ, or the possibility of bonuses falling out.
  • Puzzle game with a focus on physics. Such puzzles appeared relatively recently: earlier computer technologies did not allow creating games where the main element would be the interaction of the player with physics. Accordingly, in order to be able to cope with numerous logical riddles, the player needs to remember the school physics course. For example, this is " The Talos Principle ", as well as the Portal series, Angry Birds (it is necessary to calculate the flight path to destroy angry birds).

Some puzzle games try to combine a classic concept with a modern 3D environment (usually these are remakes of the most significant hits of the past).