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Playstation 3 Emulator

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Developer: BojBojTech
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 5.5 MB
Downloads: 2349
4.6 / 15
Updated: 19.07.2020


Playstation 3 Emulator is a software shell for running Playstation 3 games on portable gadgets with Android. Gaming novelties, designed specifically for Android tablets and smartphones, appear every day, but many are still attracted by old console games that were released a long time ago. Now, in order to recall the gaming classics, you do not need to purchase consoles of previous generations and look for discs with software. Emulator applications replace bulky, outdated hardware and, in some cases, provide more advanced user functionality compared to the "native" set-top box.

Emulators that mimic the Playstation 3 are becoming more advanced and allow the connection of an additional headset (gaming keyboard and joystick). But this feature is only available in the desktop version of applications.

Application interface

The developers have placed control buttons on the screen:

  • joystick at the bottom right;
  • action buttons (bottom right);
  • icons "Start", "Select" are located at the top;
  • buttons "R1", "R2", "L1", "L2" are on the side.

The standard Playstation 3 game menu is reproduced as accurately as possible, even the conventional icons that were used to designate the joystick buttons are preserved.

Software Requirements

The application will work correctly on Android 4.1 and older. The mobile device must have sufficient RAM and a powerful processor.

Additional features

The emulator application duplicates the work of the STB hardware component. In order for the device to play games, only the hardware shell is not enough. The user needs to download additional files:

  • BIOS;
  • ROM - the so-called images of games that the user selects according to his own taste. If a few years ago, the choice of ROM-files were quite limited, but now there are entire libraries of images, which include rare and less common games. Hundreds of auxiliary files have been developed for the Playstation 3, however, not all of them are correctly reproduced with the help of android applications. The developers indicate in advance which game images are fully adapted for portable gadgets, which function in a limited amount, and which are not supported at all.

Important! Emulator manufacturers do not embed ROM files and additional software components into their applications due to claims of copyright holders. Even screenshots with the passage of game levels are provided for information only, and in reality, the picture on the screen of the gadget and the illustration of the developer may differ slightly. Sometimes users complain about incorrect rendering of graphic elements or freezing of control buttons.

The Playstation 3 Emulator application is Russified and compact enough (5.5 MB). The .apk file is free to download.

Playstation 3 Emulator for downloaded 2349 times. Playstation 3 Emulator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • The program is free.
  • Supports most PS3 games.
  • Availability of translation into Russian.
  • Small application size.


  • Games must be downloaded separately.
  • Possible graphics problems.
  • On-screen controller freezes.
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