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With the development of the Internet and computer capabilities, games that imitate the work of a typical gambling establishment began to gain more and more popularity: the casino genre, as a rule, is defined as general gambling.

For example, it can be roulette, a poker simulator, card games, a bet on a slot machine, and so on.

A distinctive feature of such games is to enable the player to feel like an avid gambler and put on the skin of a successful life-breaker: millions of dollars are often lost in the casino every day. In addition, such games have gained demand due to the fact that in many countries real gambling establishments have been banned at the federal and legislative levels. In this case, the virtual casino is the only way to entertain or train for future tournaments (many poker players, for example, use virtual simulators with increased IQ of virtual opponents to hone their skills or get back in shape).

Note: Despite the fact that online has significantly erased the boundaries between real casino sites with the possibility of a full-fledged game against opponents around the world, it should be understood that such online casinos should by no means be related to games that only virtually imitate the work of gambling establishments . Moreover, the gameplay in most cases is deliberately simplified, ignoring many of the nuances of real casinos (for example, the probability of winning increases, or the gaming skill of opponents is reduced).