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In a broad sense, strategy means a global plan to achieve something, for example, capturing territory, besieging a castle, or defeating the enemy during a large battle between generals, as an analogue during a world war. In computer games, the principle of strategy follows a similar format: to win, the player needs to demonstrate tactical ingenuity, multiplied by reaction and quick analysis of the situation, that is, strategic thinking. However, the ability to adapt and make the right decisions depending on the specific situation always comes to the fore in strategies.

Thus, the following subgenres can be distinguished:

  • Step strategies. In such games, the principle applies, according to which all the opposing sides act in turn: each side is given a certain amount of AP (action points), after which the turn passes to the opponent. Turn-based strategy is considered a classic sub-genre. An example of games is the Fallout series.
  • Real time strategies. Unlike the previous version, the actions take place in real time, which leaves the player less time to plan steps, but increases the overall dynamism of the gameplay. An example of games is Warcraft, Starcraft, Cossacks, The Lord of the Ring dilogy, dedicated to the battle for Middle-earth.
  • Global Strategies. A subgenre related to both TBS and RTS, but professing a different philosophy: now the player takes control of an entire state and applies the skin of the supreme ruler. An example is the Civilization series.
  • military strategies. Wargames are focused on local combat confrontations, where you need to control the army in a war. An example is the Blitzkrieg series.