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Category: Simulators

Размер: 143.4 MB

Updated: 27.02.2023

Developer: Adiio7766

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Betamart Simulator by developer Adiio7766 is a beta version of the store manager game simulator.

Full immersion

The player is given the opportunity to feel like a manager. Now you can do the full arrangement of the store, on which its profitability will depend. Succeed and become the best manager!


Among the game elements it is worth highlighting:

  • Survival system Do not think that your character is just a program code - he also has human feelings of fatigue, hunger and thirst, which will need to be monitored constantly
  • Weather system, time of day The flow of customers and, accordingly, the number of sales directly depends on the weather conditions outside the window, whether it is rain or thunder. Plus, you should take into account the time of day, since the number of buyers in the morning and afternoon clearly differs.
  • The presence of in-game characters that you can meet in the course of work and have friendly conversations
  • Cars There is an option to purchase a car at the expense of income (3 types of cars are currently available). This feature is here for a reason, because getting to work in rainy weather is more pleasant in your own car than on foot, isn't it?
  • Gadgets So that the user is not bored in a series of work shifts, the game has a laptop with 4 applications with additional content!
  • 40+ decorations that can be used both for the store and for your own home
  • 20+ types of shelves with which you can arrange products to increase sales

This is not the whole list of features of an exciting simulator, so don't delay and try it right now!


Despite the fact that Betamart Simulator is just a test version of the game, the application has already been downloaded by 50,000+ players in less than a year! You can download and join the game right now after downloading and installing the application on the website. Before starting the installation, agree to the requested information from the application, and after a short installation process (no more than 1-2 minutes), the icon with the game will already appear on the main screen of the gadget on the Android OS. The game is being developed by a person under the nickname Adiio7766, who lives in Indonesia. The guy considers it as a hobby, so he is always glad for any feedback from fans of his work!

Betamart Simulator for downloaded 625 times. Betamart Simulator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Betamart Simulator
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