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An adventure game usually refers to a game that focuses on the story and, to some extent, the interactivity of the surrounding world. As a rule, the dominant sub-genre of the category of adventure games is the quest, which, in turn, allows you to deeper reveal both the plot and the nature of the characters. Also in the category of adventure games, the action-adventure subgenre is widespread, which combines elements of an adventure game with dynamics and fast-paced, "sharp" gameplay, where any mistake or delay in the course of action moments leads to the death of the character.

In general, the following areas can be distinguished in the genre:

  • Classic (text based) adventure game. The first round of development of computer games. Essence: a text is displayed on the computer screen that describes a specific situation and situation. At the end, after describing the interior and other important elements of the game, a list of available actions is displayed that are tied to certain buttons. Depending on the player's choice, new textual information is displayed and the actions are repeated until the first fatal error, or final. An example of games of the genre are Zork, Photopia.
  • Graphic adventure game. It differs from the previous version by graphic inserts. An example of games is the Myst series, Syberia .
  • Interactive adventure game. In such games, the emphasis is not only on graphics and plot, but also on functionality that allows the player to interact with the environment, taking into account the smallest details. Example games are Fahrenheit (also known as Indigo Child), as well as the games Walking Dead , The Wolf Among Us , Tales From the Borderlands and many others.