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Ball Blast

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Developer: VOODOO
Categories: Arcade
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 101.8 MB
Downloads: 34
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Updated: 20.02.2023
Limitations: Everyone


Ball Blast is a very beautiful and cool game in which you have to control a cannon and shoot balls! The longer you shoot, the better.

Ball Blast Game Features

Ball Blast belongs to the genre of arcade games, because it has a very simple and straightforward game structure. The goal of the game is the same - to shoot. You don't even need to make any purchases to improve your Ball Blast game.

Next, let's look at the main requirements for downloading the Ball Blast game. For you to be able to successfully install Ball Blast, as well as successfully launch it, you need to have a mobile phone with an android operating system, but that's not all! The android version of your smartphone must be at least 4.4. Only if this requirement is the same, you can install Ball Blast on your smartphone.

Ball Blast is heavy enough for a very simple-looking game. 77 megabytes, that's how much free memory you need on your smartphone to successfully install Ball Blast.

It should be said that the game is downloaded quite often. Many users are satisfied, because Ball Blast is a great time killer. It should also be said that Ball Blast has a good average rating from users.

How do I start playing Ball Blast? More about her

Of course, there will be no game on your smartphone without installing it, so install it faster, then launch it. If the game requires any permissions from you, then you should agree with everyone.

Then you can start the gameplay itself. It is worth saying that it is quite simple, everyone will understand it. Immediately after launch, you can start playing, for this you need to poke on the screen.

After you have pressed you will need to shoot the cannon at the balls. In order to take a shot, you need to swipe your finger across the screen (the game will even give you a little tutorial on how to do this with maximum accuracy).

After you slide your finger across the screen, your cannon will fire. It is desirable that the shot is as accurate as possible and you can hit the ball. The more you shoot balls, the better your record will be. It is worth saying that after you have fired one large ball, it will turn into several smaller balls. Then you need to shoot those balls already, after which they will disappear.

One of the goals of Ball Blast is to try so that the ball cannot fall on your cannon, after it falls on the cannon - your game will end and your record will be displayed on the screen.

Collect as much game currency as possible (there are three types in total). With each of them, you can significantly improve the characteristics of your cannon.

Ball Blast Game Features:

  • Great game kills all unnecessary free time
  • The game is pretty simple - you just need to shoot the cannon, slide your finger across the screen to fire
  • The game has good graphics and extremely simple controls
  • Improve the performance of your cannon and set new records!

Ball Blast for downloaded 34 times. Ball Blast is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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