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Popcorn Burst

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Developer: SayGames
Categories: Casual
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 55.4 MB
Downloads: 9
0 / 0
Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Popcorn Burst is a very interesting mobile game in which you just have to hold a bucket to fill it with popcorn (yes, it seems simple).

Popcorn Burst. More about the gameplay

This game is most likely suitable for those users who need to kill their free time, because what can you do if you have a lot of time and nothing to do ?! - Play this cool mobile game called Popcorn Burst!

Popcorn Burst has a cool game mode. At first glance, it will seem to you that everything is very simple. But in reality, this is far from the case! You might think holding a bucket to fill with popcorn is easy!

It should be upsetting you right away that if you don’t try to the end, then you will not be able to pass even the first level of this cool game! Do your best!

Quite cool in the game can be called an unrealistic large number of levels of varying difficulty. After you pass one level, you will be immediately transferred to the next, of course, it will be much more difficult and you will not pass it in a second!

Popcorn Burst has a very nice design. It is noteworthy that after passing one level on the next, the background will immediately change. It will be in a different color!

Briefly about the requirements and characteristics of the cool Popcorn Burst game

Let's start with the Popcorn Burst genre, which belongs to casual games, because in this game you don't have to make any purchases to improve the gameplay! This is not necessary here!

Consider then the requirements for the android version. Everything is not so simple here. To play Popcorn Burst on your mobile device, you need to have an android version of at least 4.1 (if less, then you will not be able to play Popcorn Burst). Take a close look at your android version! It's very important!

It is also worth mentioning the free memory requirements. You probably won't have any problems here. Popcorn Burst weighs only 36 megabytes. This is a little and a lot, but for youryour smartphone must have an available amount of free memory!

Separately, it should be said that this game is suitable for everyone, without exception, users, because it has no restrictions. Of course, this is a big plus for Popcorn Burst. Also, this casual game gets quite a lot of reviews, because it is really cool! Many users have already checked out Popcorn Burst, check it out too!

Key features of the Popcorn Burst mobile game:

  • You can kill time with this cool game! You won't even notice how quickly it will pass while you play Popcorn Burst!
  • The game has a very nice design, almost all users like it!
  • Popcorn Burst's fun gameplay is another plus
  • The game belongs to the casual genre, which means that you don't need to buy anything to improve the gameplay!
  • Huge amount of levels in Popcorn Burst! Try to complete all levels and become the best in Popcorn Burst!
  • The game has no restrictions!

Popcorn Burst for downloaded 9 times. Popcorn Burst is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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