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Educational games are designed for young gamers: as a rule, such games are used to teach a child about counting, multiplication tables, spelling, grammar, spelling, and so on. In the computer incarnation, learning games are closely intertwined with the casual genre, where the following categories can be distinguished:

  • Search for items . As part of the game, the user needs to look for disguised objects inside a particular interior or room. Despite the fact that hidden object games are more casual, successfully completing levels contributes to the development of mindfulness. An example is the " Mystery Hunters " or " Mystery House " series.
  • Exercise games. Such games are compiled by experienced teachers, psychologists and specialists to prepare young children for future tests in kindergarten or school. As a rule, such games are classified according to the thematic focus and represent a visual-graphic textbook with a set of specific tasks.
  • Quests. In principle, the essence of such games is approximately the same: the user is given a number of simple tasks compiled by experienced specialists in various fields of knowledge, but, unlike exercise games, a full-fledged plot has been introduced to increase interest - in addition to the main quests, auxiliary tasks are available, which will significantly simplify the solution of the main riddle. As a rule, professional voice actors are hired for such games, and the interface is most often made in a drawn style, similar to cartoons (after all, children best learn information through animation, this is a well-known fact). An example of such games is the Fixies series.