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In a broad sense, a simulator is usually understood as a toolkit that simulates the work of something. In the computer industry, a simulator can simulate the behavior of a train, bus, truck, trolley bus, tram, and so on. A separate category of simulators includes simulator programs that allow you to train in conditions close to reality. For example, such simulators for training and preliminary adaptation are used by pilots, astronauts, machinists, truckers, or professional racers (in F1, WRC, or other competitions). In a word, a simulator can be understood as any program or game that imitates something to a degree close to its real counterpart.

Despite the fact that the classification of simulators is extremely extensive and consists of several dozen categories, two global genres can be distinguished:

  • life simulator. Here everything is much more global: life simulators allow you to simulate the course of life, adjusted for social aspects, or biological processes. For example, such simulators can recreate the Beginning of Life ( Spore ), provoke a bacterial pandemic ( Plague Inc ), or give the opportunity to live a virtual life in compliance with all the main features on the principle "like in real life" ( The Sims ).