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Under sports games it is customary to consider such games that reflect existing sports disciplines in a computer embodiment. In a broader sense, sports games fall under a separate subcategory of sports simulations, as a modern sports simulator professes the principle of realism and seeks to recreate the gameplay as close as possible to real sports competitions, including parkour, skateboarding, snowboarding, and so on.

Based on this, sports games can be divided into the following subgenres:

  • Football simulators. Football is considered the most massive and spectacular sports game, so football simulators occupy a special niche of sports games. An example is the FIFA series, PES .
  • Golf simulators. As a rule, golf simulators imitate global golf tours, recreating them with meticulous detail. An example is the PGA Golf Tour series.
  • Basketball simulators. Basketball is a very popular sport in the United States of America in the NBA . Accordingly, the main basketball simulator is a series dedicated to the league and its features with the same designation.
  • Hockey simulators. The principle is similar: the dominant series of hockey simulation is based on the NHL and recreates this league to the smallest nuances.
  • Boxing simulators. It's like in life: first you start from the bottom, fight your way through local no-name boxers and, in the end, meet the champion in the fight for the world title. Example games are the Real Boxing and Fight Night series.
  • Biathlon simulators. Biathlon simulators are based on the World Cup and recreate a season-long distance where a series of races must be scored to the maximum. An example is Biathlon Mania .