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A quiz is a game with an emphasis on mental activity, where you need to prepare in advance in order to move on (otherwise, any question can be taken by surprise). It is quite difficult to classify quizzes according to their characteristic features, since literally every game of this genre has a specific color and separate rules. However, many quizzes on Android borrow their television counterparts, representing a somewhat simplified copy in graphic design, while retaining the original concept.

These include the following games: Field of Miracles , Who Wants to Be a Millionaire , One Hundred to One , Own Game , ChGK .

The essence of such games comes down to written answers to questions from various fields of knowledge, while in many quizzes you can fight not only with computer bots, but also with real players. You can also highlight thematic quizzes that address issues in any one area.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to classify quizzes in a certain order by game features, there are several rules that are inherent in all quizzes:

  • Simplicity and intuitive understanding of the rules of the game.
  • The quiz covers all participants equally.
  • The quiz keeps everyone interested.
  • The quiz is compiled taking into account the average capabilities of a person (available to everyone).
  • Quiz tasks are compiled so that the difficulty is the same for all participants.
  • The quiz keeps players competitive.

It is important to note that games in the quiz genre are either individual, or paired, or team (often the same game is available in several modes).