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There is not a single person in the world who does not have health problems. But what to do when there are no savings for going to a medical clinic and then undergoing an expensive examination? In this case, there is only one way out - to download a specialized application to the mobile phone used, which implies a professional medical reference book. After spending just a few minutes of free time on installation, users have a unique opportunity:

  • familiarize yourself with common diseases and prevention;
  • study the secrets of traditional medicine, choose the best option for yourself;
  • using the available symptoms to try to establish your diagnosis and much more.

Of course, no one recommends making personal conclusions, having studied only the literature - only a qualified doctor should prescribe diagnoses and a course of treatment. However, with the help of specialized reference books, you can find out the advisability of contacting the clinic for help. As a result, this eliminates the need to go to the local clinic every time and try to cure a non-existent disease.