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In music games, the player needs a good ear, quick reactions and a theoretical understanding of the sounded instrumental track. As a rule, a typical modern music game includes a number of licensed tracks from top artists (Metallica, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, The Offsprings and many others), often presenting exclusive tracks for interaction with the gamer.

Rules: the player is in front of a long field (resembles boiler tracks separated by a certain lane) and waits for the first track. Further, as soon as the music begins to sound, notes begin to run across the field, which, depending on the rhythm and tempo of the song, must be hit. The more clearly the player hits the notes, taking into account the duration of pressing, the more points he gets. The level is considered passed if the percentage of accuracy of hitting the notes by the end of the song reaches the minimum threshold. During the transition to another level, a new composition opens. The global task is to master the entire playlist (the longer you play, the more difficult it is to hit the notes due to the fact that the fingers quickly lose flexibility as a result of intense playing).

Characteristic representatives of such games are the Rock Band , Rock Hero , Music Hero series and many others.

Separately, DJ simulators should be singled out, where it is necessary to rhyme music in such a way that the audience appreciates the composition as high as possible according to certain criteria. The gameplay of such games boils down to the following: the player is given certain samples that need to be integrated into the composition as organically as possible. The slightest mistake - the rating is lowered. With each level, samples and additional conditions become more difficult. A typical representative of the DJ simulator is "Fuser".