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In the standard designation, Action exploits the physical capabilities of the character, emphasizing the dynamics, the swiftness of the gameplay and the constant struggle with numerous enemies. As a rule, the dominant Action subgenre is shooters, platformers, fighting games and RPGs.

In a broader sense, any game can fall under the concept of action, in which there is a need for a physical victory over an opponent due to reaction, or tactical cunning.

Although it is impossible to classify Action due to the fact that elements of action are present in most modern games, it is possible to consider the basic subgenres of the category in more detail:

  • Shooters . Shooters are "corridor" and "meat", where the first option implies a strict linearity of passage and a limited portion of enemies. Action is more applicable to the second category, according to which the player is surrounded by countless monsters, where you need to constantly move in order to stay alive. An example of a game of the genre is the Serious Sam , Doom , Painkiller series.
  • Fighting games . Fighting games went mainstream with the release of 16-bit consoles. The essence is simple - to muzzle the opponent in a sophisticated way so that there is no living space left of him. An example of games is the MK , SF series.
  • Platformers. Here the action is expressed in avoiding traps and other obstacles: the faster you react, the more chances you have to survive. An example is Prince Of Persia (Sands of Time, Warrior of Destiny, Two Thrones).
  • RPG . RPGs combined with action are called action role-playing games, the principle of which is to combine the importance of both the personal characteristics of the character and the reaction of the gamer equally. An example of games of the genre is The Elder Scrolls , Fallout .