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Developer: Jockeholm
Categories: Role games
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 142.7 MB
Downloads: 16038
4.7 / 269
Updated: 23.07.2021


Undertale is an adventure game developed by Toby Fox and released in 2015. It is available to play on many platforms, including Android.

Main character and player objectives

The player controls the main character, a man named Frisk, who enters an underground world inhabited by monsters. In this world, Frisk must find a way out to return to the surface. But along the way, he will have to face different monsters, and his actions will have consequences.

Interactive gameplay and monster interaction options

Gameplay in Undertale depends on how the player interacts with the monsters. He can attack them, but he can also use other methods, such as convincingly ask the monster to stop or even be friends with him. Different actions of the player lead to different endings of the game, and in some cases it is even possible to avoid fighting monsters.

Variety of endings and consequences of player actions

One of the key features of Undertale is that the game actively interacts with the player and often breaks the boundaries between game and reality. For example, the game may remember how the player acted in past game sessions and modify the game experience accordingly.

Pixel art and great music in Undertale

The graphics in the game are made in pixel style, which gives it a peculiar charm. The game's musical score is also its hallmark, and many of the game's tunes have become popular with fans.

The popularity and success of the game Undertale: original gameplay, beautiful music and cult status

Undertale has received many awards and good reviews from players and critics for its originality, interesting gameplay and beautiful music. The game has become a real cult phenomenon and continues to be popular among players of all ages and on different platforms, including Android.

RPG elements in Undertale: leveling up, experience and fights are optional

Undertale also has RPG elements - the Frisk character gains experience and levels up, which affects his strength and abilities. However, as mentioned, combat in the game is optional and the player can succeed without fighting monsters.

Riddles and Choices: Explore the deep story of Undertale

The game also contains various mini-games and puzzles that not only diversify the gameplay, but also help the player advance in the game.

Undertale is also known for its story, which gets deeper and more emotional as the player progresses through the story. The player has to make many choices that affect the development of the outcome of the story and the fate of the main characters.

All in all, Undertale is a game with a unique concept and plenty of room to explore. It can appeal to both RPG fans and those who are looking for a non-standard approach in the gaming industry.

Undertale for downloaded 16038 times. Undertale is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Why do I have to what to download to get into the game on my iPad It’s taking forever for my iPad to download it and I can’t even play the game without it stopping at the end

I don't trust this how do you get in control it I didn't see a control propel thing in the screenshots

I can't press the last key in the piano in water fall



is this version 1.08?