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Casual games are projects designed for a wide consumer and mass character. Distinctive features of casual games are simple rules, dynamic gameplay, undemanding hardware, unpretentious graphics and multiplatform. As a rule, casual games are inexpensive to produce due to their simplicity, which allows manufacturers to regularly produce such projects, oversaturating the market.

From here, several subgenres can be distinguished:

  • Shooters . The player is given a fighter aircraft, and the task is to destroy the superior enemy forces in a two-dimensional environment. Often in such games there are bosses, auxiliary bonuses.
  • Arkanoid. The genre is as old as the world: the player needs to control a mobile platform and catch a falling ball in order to hit it in the right direction and destroy blocks. Various bonuses will simplify the task, but with each level the complexity of the blocks increases.
  • " Three in a row ". The most representative subgenre of casual games: the essence is to quickly move the elements so that they form a combination of three or more single figures. As a rule, most often this must be done either for a certain time, or for a limited number of moves.
  • snake . A legendary game that has migrated to modern computers and mobile devices from push-button phones and 16-bit consoles. The bottom line: the player needs to move a small snake in a confined space and feed it with drop-down elements.
  • Tanks . An equally legendary game that received its first calling as part of Dendy. The essence of the game comes down to dynamic skirmishes, where you need to shoot all the enemy tanks.