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Toy Defense - TD Strategy

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Developer: Melsoft Games
Categories: Strategies
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 111.7 MB
Downloads: 19
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Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Teen


Soldiers-TD strategy is an exciting, interesting and addictive strategy game created based on the First World War, which is quite capable of captivating for a long time not only rebellious teenagers, but also enough adults who are bored of exciting military battles that For this, the ability to make quick and correct decisions in non-standard situations with previously known variables is highly valued.

The developer has invested a lot of effort and money into creating a detailed and quite realistic atmosphere of the beginning of the war XX century, < span lang = "ru-RU"> what can be traced in the buildings proposed for construction - headquarters and others paramilitary buildings, and in the reflection "peace" s " panoramas and views , and characters in military uniform, and used in the game technique .

By the way, about military technical means and weapons used in the game battles of this classic strategy, it is worth mentioning especially, because here the player will find a truly huge military arsenal to maintain the combat effectiveness of his army: in addition to a variety of traditional tanks, cannons, howitzers, traditional small arms of the beginning XX centuries and paramilitary vehicles there is also air support - not only planes have been introduced into the game, but also powerful large airships, which gives incredible scope for using a variety of tactical tricks in order to achieve victory even in relatively unequal conditions. And also - here you can arrange independent repair of damaged towers, which does not require the participation of the player ("Repairmen" mode), and even the resurrection of completely destroyed towers to continue the game ("Resurrection" mode).

It is also worth noting the presence of unique features,such as "Forbidden Technique", which allows the player to independently "push enemies on the screen with a finger", helping his army, and "Defensive Strike", used to further protect his base, in the application of which the enemy attacking the tower will be simply swept away by the shockwave.

P Nice bonus - the game can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter for the fastest possible identification of the player and saving his achievements, which allows you to enjoy the game on multiple devices without losing the heights reached by the player.

The strategy also pleases with the presence of very exciting opportunities, such as:

  • over 90 different exciting missions;

  • a large number of different worlds in which battles take place, while it should be noted that all worlds are available immediately and without additional payment;

  • 9 types of enemies to face in order to achieve victory;

  • 4 types of detailed, historically accurate weapons of the First World War and more than 24 options for improving them, which became possible thanks to the knowledge, skills, abilities and imagination of the entire development team;

  • the ability to improve warriors by providing them with various additional skills and abilities, increasing the rank of the hero, as well as the ability to quickly and efficiently pump turrets;

  • the creation of special military alliances in order to unite your army with the armies of other gamers to jointly conduct military operations, so as not to leave the enemy a single chance to win;

  • weekly tournaments - with friends, famous teams or completely unfamiliar opponents;

  • fast updating and improvement of the used vehicles in the upgrade store.

Toy Defense - TD Strategy for downloaded 19 times. Toy Defense - TD Strategy is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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