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Toy Defense 2 Защита башни

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Developer: Melsoft Games
Categories: Strategies
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 95.8 MB
Downloads: 18
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Updated: 30.07.2021
Limitations: Teen


Toy Defense 2 Tower Defense is a very addicting strategy game that will never get boring. It has classic tower defense gameplay and vivid visuals. Here the player will need to complete the tasks assigned to him in order to prevent the movement of the enemy.

Game Features

Users are provided with a unique opportunity where they can take part in the battles that unfolded during the Second World War. Players have at their disposal a wide variety and quantity of equipment, as well as weapons. All of this should be used at the right moment so that the enemy cannot advance, destroy positions and get his way.

  1. One of the main features is considered to be a large number of levels - there are 290 of them. All actions take place in different locations, which are used as different corners of the globe.
  2. The fighter must throw all jokes aside and engage in real battle. The gameplay will be very exciting, changing locations will not let you get bored, everyone will immerse themselves in the world of a new game.
  3. To defeat the enemy, you will have to use a large number of different tactics, come up with a strategy and not miss the tower defense.
  4. Here everyone can feel like a real warrior, because you will have to manage real military equipment that existed in the middle of the last century.

In this game, the user can become a real strategist, he will participate in battles taking place in different parts of the world. In tournaments, you must show all your skills to get to the very top of the rating.

You should not relax here, because you will have to fight with the generals of other countries. They have long ago positioned their technique in advantageous positions and have developed many strategies. It won't be easy to win, but everyone here can feel like a real hero.

You can download the game�о to any smartphone or tablet running on the Android operating system. You can do this completely free of charge if you use the original Play Market downloader or download the APK file from the browser

Game Benefits

The game has several very significant advantages. One of them is a very large number of levels. Passing each of them will not be easy, because every time you have to come up with ways to help you defeat the enemy.

There are also three modes in the game. Depending on the mood, the user can choose any of them and enjoy the gameplay. Even in the case when the tower is almost destroyed, the base is at a disadvantage, the enemy's strategy has driven the player to a dead end, you still shouldn't give up. Everything can still be changed.

Toy Defense 2 Tower Defense is an exciting game where everyone will have the opportunity to fight in the largest campaigns of the 20th century, try their hand at tournament battles, fight for leadership positions in the ranking, use troops from different countries in one battle. Each user will be surprised by the bright and unique graphics, after the game only positive impressions will remain.

Toy Defense 2 Защита башни for downloaded 18 times. Toy Defense 2 Защита башни is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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