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Developer: Cyuubi
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 3.1 MB
Downloads: 89
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Updated: 23.07.2020


LightSwitch is a modified product in the Visual Studio category aimed at building data-driven business applications. These business applications are tailored for the Internet, cloud storage, and desktop systems. A huge benefit of the LightSwitch app, which you can download for free, is that it is designed for developers of all skill levels.

And now about everything in simple words

So, imagine the situation: the manager Gennady Sidorovich is working in a large company of the head Alexei Ivanovich with more than a thousand employees. Alexey Ivanovich is focused on success and at the daily planning meeting encourages his employees to approach their tasks rationally and creatively, he strives to achieve maximum profit and reduce possible costs. This can be achieved through a competent approach to the work of all departments. The manager, Gennady Sidorovich, is thinking about this. He finds that it is possible to reduce the costs of supplies and computer hardware in his department, and knows how to do it. The manager sends a request to the manager to create an application to streamline this process, but the manager does not have time to create a separate application. Then the manager creates it himself in Excel. And everything would be fine, but the manager's idea turns out to be successful, and the manager is faced with the question of how to implement this idea in all divisions of the company. And here he has to bitterly regret that he had not previously created a universal application that could be used throughout the entire company, because an application created in Excel is very problematic to systematize.

This problem could have been avoided if the manager had downloaded LightSwitch for free.


Thus, LightSwitch is an integral part of competent, rational work of any enterprise, company, organization striving for maximum optimization of work processes in order to increase profits and reduce costs. It was the versatility and ease of use that made the application famous all over the world.

The powerful development of IT technologies has given impetus to the creation of unique, universal programs that greatly facilitate the performance of certain routine tasks. One of these programs that have gained immense popularity and have taken an honorable leadership position among competitors is the LightSwitch application.

Lightswitch for downloaded 89 times. Lightswitch is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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