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EmuPsVita - PSVita Emulator

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Developer: F.B
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 12.6 MB
Downloads: 1138
5 / 1
Updated: 28.07.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Good optimization.
  • Adapted controls.
  • Works with images of games in most formats.


  • Early Access. There may be bugs.
  • Need to download games separately.
  • Advertising is present.


EmuPsVita is a Playstation Vita emulator, the successor to the world famous and widely loved Playstation Portable. The application gives access to a large library of portable console games, which can be played for free on Android smartphones. Their quality and level of detail is strikingly different from ordinary mobile games, so a whole archive of good projects will be available with just one application.

How to download games?

Unfortunately, the application is not like PlayMarket or AppStore, you have to follow a few easy steps to play the desired game:

  1. Download EmuPsVita App via Google Playmarket. Make sure that it is working properly.
  2. Download the BIOS for the console (ps vita bios in the search engine). After installation, move it to the folder with all the files.
  3. The application will determine the location of the BIOS and will already work. After that, you can download the game not only from this console, but also from all previous ones. Perhaps some of the game will be missing, since it is impossible to get them due to protection against piracy and a specific structure that is not supported on smartphones.

After that, you can safely play the game. You do not need to register and buy a membership within the app.

Features and Benefits of EmuPsVita

The application opens the doors of a still unexplored world, where anything is a huge and exciting adventure. And this is not an exaggeration, on all consoles of the previous generation there are at least 5 games that can delay the player for several days.

EmuPsVita does not require money and resources, everything is free of charge and to please the consumer. The algorithm for downloading games has been simplified several times compared to previous attempts by competitors. Everything here is tied to one BIOS, the installation of which is the only step to get games.

Games are downloaded directly from the application, so you don't have to worry about viruses and unnecessary junk files. Here it is worth considering the power of a smartphone, since games, especially not mobile ones, require storage space, from 2 gigabytes of RAM and a good processor that can compete with the chips in Ps Vita, PSP, PS2, PS3, etc.

Ps Vita Not the most successful console from Sony, but it's a sin not to try it for free. The advantages of EmuPsVita include:

  • A huge library of games from different generations of consoles, from Playstation 2 to Ps Vita
  • High-quality, non-demanding and interesting projects, such as: Uncharted Golden Abyss; Rogue Legacy; Spelunky; Guacamelee; DanganRonpa and so on.
  • Everything is free of charge, no additional fees and charges. BIOS is also free;

EmuPsVita - PSVita Emulator for downloaded 1138 times. EmuPsVita - PSVita Emulator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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