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Category: Casual

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Updated: 19.05.2023


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In the world of Android mobile games, where new and new projects appear every day, it is difficult to find something truly unique and exciting. However, the game Nova Survivor, available for free download, is an exception to this rule. This is a super cool mobile game in the roguelike genre, dedicated to space adventures.

Plot and gameplay

In Nova Survivor you will play as a fearless survivor, explore the uncharted universe, perform various tasks. The main goal is to survive in the endless space, where dangers await you at every step. Your character will have unique skills and weapons that will help him in the fight against enemies.

  • One-handed control, smooth kills: with a single swipe of your finger, enemies fall down
  • Random weapons, hundreds of word combinations: random skills and weapons, over a hundred word combinations to assemble the perfect machine
  • Endless levels and thrills: explore the depths of space step by step, and you can only start over if you're not careful
  • Brand new technology, cooperative combat: super destructive drones unite to overcome all obstacles

Graphics and sound

The graphics in Nova Survivor are done at a high level. The detailing of characters, enemies and the surrounding world is amazingly realistic. The soundtrack is also on top - it helps to create an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty.

Download and installation

The game Nova Survivor is available for free download on Android via apk file. The installation process is simple and will not take much time. After installation, you can immediately start playing and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of space adventures.

Bottom line

Overall, Nova Survivor is a great game for fans of roguelike and space adventure genre. It has an interesting plot, exciting gameplay, high-quality graphics and sound. Free download and the ability to play on Android make it available to a wide range of players. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique world!

Nova Survivor for downloaded 0 times. Nova Survivor is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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