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Bottle Flip 3D

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Developer: tastypill
Categories: Casual
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 79.9 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 21.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Bottle Flip 3D is a fun and unusual game in which you have to complete different levels using the most ordinary water bottle. Yes, the bottle will be your main assistant in passing the game.

Throw a bottle and take it to the next level

Your main task in this game is to toss a bottle of soda. Seems like it's simple? No matter how it is! You need not only to throw it accurately, your goal is to throw the bottle in such a way as to overcome all the obstacles that come your way. The developers did their best, so there will be a lot of obstacles, they are all interesting, and sometimes unexpected.

Don't think that it will be easy to complete all levels. The higher the level, the more difficult it is, and at the same time the more exciting. For each level you complete, you receive magic crystals, which you can then use to open new rooms and bottles.

The Bottle Flip 3D game will immediately amaze you with an interesting and rather unusual storyline where you have to jump on the TV, on skateboards, speakers, falling and moving shelves. How do you like this entertainment?

Test your dexterity and accuracy

You have to be careful and precise every time, because the bottle needs to be thrown so that it will definitely stand on the bottom, but at the same time will not fall to the floor - otherwise you will have to go through the level again.

To successfully complete the game, you need dexterity and a good eye to accurately calculate the "jump" of the bottle. And in some cases, you will need to not just throw the bottle, but toss it so that it performs a somersault or even a double jump. Can you master the art of juggling a bottle the first time?

Also, you need to calculate the force of pressing the screen, the length of the jump and understand at what point to throw the bottle. If all this is not correctly calculated or you think that all this is not important, then you will not be able to complete any task in the game. Or you just get stuck at the same level.

What's more interesting about Bottle Flip 3D:

  • easy control, intuitive simple interface;
  • fun gameplay;
  • good, high quality 3D graphics;
  • several levels of difficulty;
  • an original and unusual storyline, similar to a challenge.

Not every gamer can cope with the task, so install the game (it also works on Android), take your soda water bottles in your hands and check what you are capable of. You can download the game for free.

Bottle Flip 3D for downloaded 3 times. Bottle Flip 3D is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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