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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Categories: Action
Android version: 5.0+
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Updated: 15.02.2021
Limitations: Everyone 10+


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - an adventure saga from the third person, with the unification of several worlds. Lego - the world of famous construction sets, familiar to everyone from childhood. Marvel is a superhero cinematic project.


Ecumenical villains want to destroy humanity. The main character is doing everything possible to give a worthy rebuff, and famous cartoon characters who are on the side of goodness and justice will come to his aid. The player can play for both, each of which has unique abilities. The game features dynamic battles, non-trivial puzzles.

From the film adaptations, almost everything was borrowed, actors for voice acting with an identical voice were found, character design, humor was transferred. Everything that came out in this series is linked in the game. The game makes fun of famous cliches and subtle jokes.

By levels, based on the well-known scenery, the player controls several figures at once, between which there is a free switch. Almost all surrounding objects must be destroyed and disintegrated, giving the player coins. There are a lot of interactive objects around the playing field, interaction with which is available only for some characters.


Who keeps track of the novelties of the series of games, the project is not a revelation either from the standpoint of the storyline or from the mechanics. The program uses classic mechanics that gamers know from the rest of the game's franchise. The player goes on a journey through the levels, without corridors, consisting of small cubes of the constructor. All, with some exceptions, objects are characterized by interactivity, interaction with them is possible, for example, breaking and opening classified sections.

The game allows you to destroy everything in the way, but this is an additional option. The main priority is the passage of the game according to the story and the gameplay from the various participants.

For a long time, most of the players have experienced the game and were able to appreciate its merits:

  • Variety of characters.
  • Sandbox saturation.
  • Selected humor.
  • High quality graphics.

Do not do without negative points:

  • Lots of bugs.
  • Nothing different from its predecessors.
  • Shamelessly copied levels.
  • Sagging game dynamics.
  • Puzzles have a symbolic role.
  • Inconvenience in control.
  • Additional missions are boring and monotonous.
  • The cost of the paid version.

Despite the shortcomings, many people like the game. This is a product for couples, playing which you can brighten up a boring evening. The software product can be downloaded for Android completely free of charge, without restrictions, using the application store.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for downloaded 0 times. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is distributed freely in the file type txt.

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