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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Categories: Adventure
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 4.3 MB
Downloads: 522
5 / 1
Updated: 11.01.2021
Limitations: Everyone 10+


  • Gripping storyline


  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Description

    LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is a free Adventure game for Android, which you can download from our website. This is the first part that will introduce you to Harry Potter, his friends, the magical school of Hoggwarts and its inhabitants, as well as you will enter into a battle with evil monsters and Harry's main enemy - Vol-de-Mort.

    The journey has begun

    The first year of studying at a new school is always full of unexpected surprises. But Harry is not timid. He is the heir of hidden magical power and is the only one among the students who understands the ancient language. That is why the worst enemy of all Potters, and indeed of all good wizards, Vol-de-Mort, is hunting him.


    The plot tells the players about the first years of training the young wizard and his friends at Hoggwarts. You have to face strict but fair teachers, envious and spiteful classmates, capricious ghosts living within the walls of the school. You will also learn the first spells and put them into practice.

    At one point, weekdays will turn into a cycle of events and Harry learns a terrible secret. It turns out that his worst enemy is not dead, but is preparing his return to the world of the living. Potter will have to fight with Vol-de-Mort's henchmen, to understand which of the teachers helps the one "whose name cannot be pronounced," and who is on the side of good.

    As the game progresses, you, together with the young wizard and his friends, will need to solve puzzles, participate in training and combat duels, escape from strong monsters, fend off magic spells, eliminate and set traps, and the most interesting thing is to take part in mini -games.


    For each completion of a task, players receive additional points. They are needed to level up the character. With their help, Harry will be able to improve old or acquire new spells, buy potions and wands, and change costumes.


    On �Over 30 levels you will face muggles, magicians and magical monsters. Some of them will be on your side from the very beginning, others will join during your travels, and some will want to help the main villain and will do everything to get rid of Harry forever. Among the enemies will be some students and teachers of Hoggwarts, as well as magical creatures from our world and other dimensions.

    The most dangerous are ghosts. They cannot be banished forever, but with the help of spells you can immobilize or dissolve for a while. Upon returning to the location, they will again await the company of young adventurers.

    The second on this list will be forest creatures. Spiders and revived trees are another problem. The former have dense chitin, and therefore reflect part of the magic, the latter are susceptible only to fire and therefore most of the attacking spells will take away little health.

    Pros of the game:

    • Gripping storyline;
    • Dynamic gameplay;
    • Many riddles and puzzles;
    • Cool special effects;
    • Variety of bestiary.

    LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for downloaded 522 times. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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