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Chestny ZNAK – Quality Control

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Developer: Центр развития перспективных технологий
Categories: Purchases
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 81 MB
Downloads: 23
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Updated: 11.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


  • Checking products from various categories.
  • Check the expiration date of the products.
  • Ability to file a complaint about a product.
  • Transfer of information in an impersonal form.


  • Slow Scanner.
  • Some products may not be present in the database.
  • Software errors are possible.


Honest ZNAK is a free Android application that allows you to scan Data Matrix codes, QR codes, as well as markings on drugs, alcohol and other products. To find out information about a product - just touch the smartphone with the included application to the digital code. The utility will instantly display the results of the scan.

It is enough to download the mobile client to be able to verify the authenticity of the purchases. Reading the code allows you to get the following information:

  • complete information about the manufacturer;
  • place, date and time of production of the goods;
  • expiration date of the purchased product;
  • movement of goods from the factory warehouse to the store and so on.

If the product is labeled, then the user will be able to find out whether he purchased a genuine, not counterfeit product. If, during the inspection, violations are revealed, then the buyer will be able to inform the seller about this. You can also file the violations found in the application itself. And, depending on the type of violation, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities. They will review the application and will be able to track whether there have been violations or an error in the system.

The scanner can be useful for several types of goods at once. Among others, you can highlight:

  • tobacco products;
  • shoes;
  • medicines;
  • fur coats and natural fur products;
  • light industry goods.

This also includes the following products:

  • tires and tires;
  • eau de toilette and perfumery;
  • flash lamps and cameras.

Also in 2020, wheelchairs, bicycles, and dairy products are subject to mandatory labeling.

When to complain about a product

Violations should be reported if the code is not on the package, or if it cannot be read through the Honest ZNAK mobile application.

Also, a complaint should be left in the event that the goods refuse to be accepted for non-cash payment and give you a check.

If any offenses are identified, they will first be moderated, and here they will try to identify possible offenses. If such a complaint is found, it goes to the control and supervisory authorities. There is no need to worry about your security, as the data is sent in anonymized form. This means that no one will know about your personal data.

Chestny ZNAK – Quality Control for downloaded 23 times. Chestny ZNAK – Quality Control is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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