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version Android
4.5 / 4212

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Category: Tools

Размер: 20.7 MB

Updated: 06.04.2023

Developer: VRMAPPS

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It is recommended to install in order to expand the possibilities of successful access to the Internet. The resource guarantees round-the-clock access to sites.

Principle and procedure for use

Installing the application makes it possible to access all resources on the network:

  • closed on the basis of corporate data protection;
  • based on legal requirements;

Fears of access to unwanted content by those who are not really recommended to do so are removed by the presence of internal prohibitions. They are set by the user when the application is loaded. For example, it is possible to set age limits. In such a situation, in order to get access to sites that are not recommended for children, the installation may include in the download the need to perform some actions confirming the permission. This applies to other options for bans. Including corporate ones.


You can download the application from the resource within a few minutes. Depending on the user's preferences, the VPN can remain enabled 24/7. This option does not affect the speed of site downloads. It is kept at the standard level. The application itself takes up a small amount of memory of a mobile device or a personal computer. There is an option to expand the action to all devices that are part of a common network.

Turning on and off each time you enter the virtual space, you only need to reactivate the application icon. You are prompted to choose connection options through other providers in different states. The advantage is the subsequent determination of the IP address according to the format of the state through the provider of which the entry was made. The true address of the user becomes hidden.

It is worth paying attention to the need to sometimes turn off. So, in the format of an activated application, official government resources and applications are not loaded. The system informs the user about the possible installation of VPN on his equipment. After disconnection, access is returned immediately in an automatic format. For example, when you need to go to the MFC website. After you finish browsing the site, you can return to open browsing in a few minutes.

Unite VPN - Fast & Secure VPN for downloaded 102826 times. Unite VPN - Fast & Secure VPN is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Unfortunately, this VPN is very weak!I want to new version!Thanks

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اصلا بالا نمیاد خیلی ضعیفه .یکبار بالا میاد ولی سری بعد یک ساعت طول میکشه بالا بیاد

خیلی عالی وخوب


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