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QR Code Scanners

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Need to scan a QR code? You need an app on your smartphone. Point your camera at the QR code and you will see a pop-up notification that will take you to the menu.

Scanning QR codes on Android requires an additional app. All you have to do is point your native camera at the QR code and click on the popup link.

As a result, contactless solutions and therefore QR code scanning applications have emerged as the need of the hour when QR codes are widely used for contactless delivery, collection and payment.

Consumers scan QR codes to make payments, disclose product information, receive rewards or discounts, and share information.

Scan QR codes with your smartphone's camera. Android smartphones have built-in QR code scanners in their own camera app feature. But the easiest way to scan a QR code is to download a third-party app. The camera function is so advanced that the QR code can be scanned even in quite harsh environments.

To scan a QR code, simply open your camera, point it at the QR code, and open the notification banner that will appear to reveal its content.