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Developer: Arrows app
Categories: Food and drink
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 3.8 MB
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Updated: 09.03.2021


  • Checking data against the official database.
  • Details of the drink.
  • Save scan history.
  • Has no paid features.


  • Internet access required.
  • Doesn't immediately recognize QR code.
  • The program contains ads.
  • Not receiving updates for a long time.


AlcoScanner is a useful and, most importantly, convenient application for smartphones with Android OS. With it, you can easily check the quality of alcohol. This is done by scanning the excise stamp. Along with this, the user will receive all information about the product and its manufacturer. The application needs a stable internet connection to work, as well as a high-quality video camera. You can download the installation for free from our website page.

Application Features

The application works quickly, and most importantly, practically without errors, which allows you to find out all the information within a few seconds about the purchased alcoholic drink right at the counter. To do this, you need to scan the excise stamp on the purchased products. With this, you can check if the product is counterfeit. The scanned barcode is checked by the government system and produces the result.

If this bottle was sold earlier, the scanner will show the date of sale and the address of the store. In this case, it is necessary to check that the products are not counterfeit. This is very easy to do. First of all, scan the barcode that is posted on the excise tax. Information about the purchase of this bottle will appear on the phone screen, indicating the exact time and place of sale. After a while, scan the code sticker on the bottle again. If in this case the data of both checks have not changed, then the goods are registered according to the law and the products belong to the manufacturing company, and not made by handicraft.


In some cases, a situation may occur that the application does not display information about the purchased alcohol. This means there is some problem with the application or with the excise stamp. There are several reasons for this.

The first is to disconnect from the Internet. In this case, the information is not sent and there is nowhere to get it.

For the second, you need to wait until the phone vibrates. This is a signal that the scan was successful.

In the third case, if the barcode cannot be scanned, then try taking another bottle. In this case, success depends on the quality of the camera, lighting and the barcode itself. Worn out and unreadable excise taxes are considered counterfeit. To maintain your health, it is better to refuse to buy alcohol in this store.

The application has a history of checking alcohol products. It can be used as proof that in one store all products have all the necessary documents and are of high quality. In addition, it is shipped directly from a reputable manufacturing company. You can determine in which store it is better not to buy alcohol, even if it is cheaper there.

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