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Words of Wonders

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Developer: Fugo Games
Categories: Word games
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 171.8 MB
Downloads: 16
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Updated: 05.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


  • Single and multiplayer.
  • The game is in Russian.
  • Lots of crosswords.
  • Hidden levels.
  • Hints available.


  • Advertising presence.
  • Crosswords are very fast.
  • May not know some words.


Words Of Wonders is a puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. The essence of the game is to add a word from the proposed set of letters by connecting the letters with a line.


The game is divided into blocks, each of which is dedicated to a specific country. Guessing the words, you will move to a new level, of which there are 5 in each block. Levels in WOW are dedicated to the most important sights of a certain country, photos of which appear after passing the levels.

The game features both a single player mode and a multiplayer game. You can share the fun with a group of three friends by turning the game into a competition. The end result will show who has the highest IQ.

Once a day, the program will offer you to guess the puzzle of the day - a crossword puzzle in which you need to guess the words, heading for an asterisk. It will move after each guessed word, we recommend each time to guess exactly the word where the star is at a given moment in time. Having solved the entire crossword puzzle completely, you will collect a certain number of stars, which can later be exchanged for hints when passing the usual levels.

Additional Words of Wonders Features

  • Butterfly. She sits on an arbitrary square in a crossword puzzle. When you guess the word containing a cell with a butterfly, you get crystals or additional clues. Their number depends on the color of the butterfly - red brings fewer bonuses, yellow more. The box with bonuses can only be opened after the time indicated next to it;
  • Various hints. Crystals are intended to be exchanged for a variety of tips, which depend on the total amount of crystals spent. 100 crystals will open one arbitrary letter, 200 will allow you to use a hammer (allow you to break a letter in a specific cell), 350 - will open a symbol in a specific place;
  • Hidden levels. Having collected a certain number of bonus points, you can purchase them after passing all the levels in the block.

Do you want to show yourself in all your glory in front of your friends? Do you just need to develop your own logic? Or maybe you just love to spend an evening solving puzzles? Then you definitely need to download the Words of Wonders app for free on our website.

Words of Wonders for downloaded 16 times. Words of Wonders is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Words of Wonders
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Words of Wonders
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