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Category: Table games

Размер: 51.4 MB

Updated: 19.05.2023

Developer: BEN Studios

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In a world of Android mobile games dominated by fast-paced action and complex RPGs, Tiger Goat: Turn Based Strategy stands out for its uniqueness. It is an ancient board game that challenges your intelligence and strategic skills. In some regions, this game is known by different names including BagChal, Puli Meka, Addu Puli Attam, Bagh Bakri, Tigers and Goats and many others.

History and origin of the game

The game of Tiger Goat dates back to ancient times and was particularly popular in Southeast Asia. It is the number one game that is a test of wits and strategy. In it, two players compete to either catch a certain number of goats while playing as the tiger, or to prevent the tiger from catching any goats.

Rules of the game

With each move, players must think critically and make smart decisions to outsmart their opponent. This game is perfect for boosting your IQ and can be played by two people on a competitive basis. Go back in time and experience the excitement of this timeless game.

Game Features

  • The game is designed for two people, just like chess.
  • Requires critical thinking to win.
  • The game has precise controls and smooth graphics.

Download and install

Tiger Goat: Turn Based Strategy game is available for free download on Android. You can download the apk file of the game and install it on your device. Enjoy the game Aadupuli Aattam anytime and anywhere!

Game Categories

The game Tiger Goat: Turn Based Strategy belongs to the following categories:

  • Board Game
  • Strategy Board Game
  • Family Board Game

If you are looking for a unique board game for Android that will challenge your strategic skills, then Tiger Goat: Turn Based Strategy is the one for you. Download the game today and start your adventure in the world of ancient board games!

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