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Temple Run 2

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Developer: Imangi Studios
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 12.1 MB
Downloads: 640
0 / 0
Updated: 16.11.2019
Limitations: Everyone


  • Nice design.
  • Simple controls.
  • Endless levels.
  • No payment required.
  • Many characters with unique features.
  • Themed events are held periodically.


  • Optimization is lame.
  • Paid content is present.
  • No graphics settings.
  • The game contains ads.


Temple Run 2 is a true mobile gaming classic. This is the sequel to the famous hit Temple Run (one of the most downloaded in the world). The second part did not shame the reputation of its predecessor. It has been installed hundreds of millions of times.

Temple Run 2 gameplay is traditional. Users will find a familiar runner. The authors did not break the working mechanics. The main character infiltrates an ancient temple and steals a local idol.

The act does not go unpunished. The character is chased by a huge demonic monkey. The player's task is to survive. You need to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles. It is required to jump, slide and change the direction of movement in time.

Funnily enough, Temple Run 2 is essentially endless. You play until you make a mistake. The latter will happen sooner or later. At least due to the constant increase in running speed.

It is only allowed to postpone the inevitable. Are they dead? Revive the Avatar with Green Crystals found in the level (or purchased). Then you will be allowed to continue on your way. The foregoing will help to accumulate more treasures before death. It's about the multi-colored coins scattered along the road.

What to spend the collected wealth on? Unlock new heroes. At first, only one is available - it gets boring quickly. His comrades are more interesting. In addition, various upgrades are purchased for virtual currency.

Bonuses deserve special attention. If you're lucky, you will encounter a shield, an accelerator, and a magnet. They protect you from danger, make you more agile, and attract money. They can be easily enhanced for a fee.

The controls are simple. It is enough to press the screen at certain moments (plus tilt the smartphone). Among other things, Temple Run 2 pleases with graphics. It looks brighter and juicier than the original Temple Run.

The application is completely free. Although you should consider the presence of advertising and in-game purchases. Updates come out frequently, adding maps and other content.

Temple Run 2 for downloaded 640 times. Temple Run 2 is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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