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Fishing in the Winter. Lakes.

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Categories: Sport games
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 33.6 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Several bodies of water.
  • Variety of baits and fish species.
  • Convenient management.
  • The game is in Russian.
  • Hints available.


  • A lot of ads.
  • Bad optimization.
  • Dear donation.


Winter fishing: Lakes is an exciting winter fishing simulator for Android devices.

Gameplay, application features

Every real angler knows that all seasons are good for fishing. And with the onset of winter, all the fun begins. But desire alone is not enough. You will need to prepare properly. For example, to get started, purchase the necessary equipment in the Winter Fishing: Lakes application. Particular attention should be paid to the bait - the success of the catch will depend on its quality.

Over time, it will be possible to earn more on the fish caught. When there is not enough space on the city lake, you can buy up additional equipment and bait - and go fishing outside the city. First you need to acquire a license. And also prepare money for the trip.

It is important to choose the right place when navigating the selected body of water.

Winter fishing: Lakes - a program that is distributed free of charge. But this does not detract from its main advantages:

  • Addictive gameplay;
  • High-quality soundtrack;
  • Saturated nice graphics;
  • Implementation of fishing rod control, made taking into account the design features of the smartphone;
  • Relatively light weight and undemanding system resources. So, in most cases, Fishing is winter: Lakes can be launched even on not the most powerful device.

As in real fishing, you need to move as carefully as possible so as not to fall through the ice. You need to choose the right place - and only then start drilling the hole.

It remains to choose the bait, unwind the rod - and be patient. Some fish swim at great depths in winter, others at shallow depths. And each will require an individual type of bait. For example, to catch a ruff, it is recommended to give preference to bloodworms and maggots. But the crucian carphe loves bloodworms. Perch will not give up the mormysh. Well, large predators will only react to fry.

The fishing process is very realistic here. You need to move your finger or the smartphone itself up and down - in order, as if with a real fishing rod, to make nods. At the right time, you need to show a reaction - and hook the fish! Until it breaks down, it needs to be fished out of the water in time.

Ice mining finally. You need to start all over again. But each fish will bite differently. One bites barely noticeably, the other aggressively grabs the bait. Assertiveness does not always have a positive effect. After all, large fish take time to taste the bait, swallow it ...

Beginners can use the hint system. More experienced anglers can rely on their skill by turning hints off in the settings.

As with real winter fishing, you have to be patient - and be able to react at the right time! Unless there will be no need to go to the winter lake. All fishing takes place at home. And no fish will be harmed.

We can recommend downloading this application to both truly enthusiastic anglers and those who just want to have fun playing an exciting game.

Fishing in the Winter. Lakes. for downloaded 3 times. Fishing in the Winter. Lakes. is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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