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Developer: GZ Systems Ltd.
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.2+
Size: 68.6 MB
Downloads: 8
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Updated: 30.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


PureVPN is a convenient and reliable service that can be installed to get access to any content.

By using this application, the user ensures himself anonymity and confidentiality while browsing various sites. The creators are a Chinese company that has won the trust of a large number of users of such services. This service not only protects data and makes it possible to surf the Internet anonymously, but also allows you to test the created site, that is, to make a preview of it in order to make a detailed analysis and improve the product of a foreign competitor. For clients who are members of a company, it is possible to check and save the data of their location or company in order to rent the proposed server.

PureVPN is one of the first among similar servers. The application makes it possible to log into it from one account up to 5 times. It is compatible with any mobile device, personal computer, router and other attributes.

For users who want to enjoy streaming at the fastest possible speed, there are add-ons for different browsers. They monitor any violation and, if necessary, block it. Each application server has a large number of tunneling protocols. For example, PPTP is considered the lowest protocol due to the low level of encryption, but despite this, the speed of transferring information in it is fast. It is not difficult to configure and is supported on most platforms of this type. L2TP comes in second as it uses a second layer of the server to provide the necessary security.

On the plus side, it is available on many modern platforms and easily bypasses any restrictions. SSTP is the third protocol and it is considered one of the most secure, since it not only does not treavesdropping on additional information, and bypasses almost all firewalls. It is not available on a mobile device. OPENVPN offers the highest level of encryption and uses a digital certificate for authentication. IKEv2 is considered the most advanced because it is fast and stable and completely secure for any user.

While connecting to PureVPN, the user can be sure that he will be able to surf the Internet quickly and without viruses.

Below are the main advantages of using this application:

  • Protection of user's personal information. Traffic is directed through thousands of secure servers, which makes it possible to save data even while using the Internet, and a special cipher of the information provided will prevent ill-wishers from seeing or using it in any form;
  • The service ensures confidentiality. The application not only hides secret data, phone ID and its location, but also secrets data to other applications permissions that attackers can track;
  • Content is fully available. The server's global networks, which have unlimited bandwidth, scattered across all countries of the world, give full access to blocked sites and the information they contain.

The user has the opportunity to choose any of the above protocol at will, or to enable the automatic selection function. The application allows you to manually switch port addressing in order to securely connect to the Internet.

PureVPN for downloaded 8 times. PureVPN is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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