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McAfee Mobile Security

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Developer: McAfee LLC
Categories: Work
Android version: 4.2+
Size: 58.1 MB
Downloads: 7
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Updated: 08.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


McAfee Mobile Security is a powerful, modern and high-quality antivirus specially designed for working with mobile devices, which reliably protects both the configuration of smartphones themselves and the personal data of their owners from a variety of cybercriminals and possible damage that can be caused by popular and public networks, as well as dangerous and malicious applications downloaded by users. It should be noted that the creator of the application in question - McAfee - is one of the most famous and recognized leaders in the development of various antivirus products, and one of the significant advantages of this particular application is a large and regularly updated database of malicious and dangerous programs.

An antivirus application will delight the owner with a stylish, concise, but at the same time very pleasant interface, convenient control, as well as the ability to independently select the level of protection, consisting of many components, jointly and individually aimed at protecting the applications used by the owner of the smartphone, checking their reliability and security, Internet and web protection of the gadget, creating the necessary backups, as well as the destruction and / or subsequent restoration of any data. Among the main components used in the application, the user will find such "chips" as:

  • checking the contents of the gadget for a variety of modern viruses;

  • analysis of factors indicating the presence of access paths to information contained in the phone, which can be hidden or explicitly provided to third parties and malicious programs by a wide variety of and - seemingly - completely safe and proven applications and messengers installed by the owner;

  • the ability to block web pages that are assessed by the program as malicious, while it is worth noting that the user�� independently determines the need for this component and can either enable or disable this function if it considers that the program adheres to an overly conservative approach in determining the degree of web danger;

  • the ability to remotely manage a variety of data stored on the device, for example, the ability to quickly lock a smartphone if it is lost, or send an audio message if the owner cannot find his device; it is also possible to remotely destroy all data or back it up, including to cloud storage;

  • tracking the location of the phone remotely.

To install the application, you just need to go through the standard activation procedure, which involves entering a phone number into the database (with its subsequent confirmation by entering the code received on the smartphone) and an email address, which also requires confirmation.

McAfee Mobile Security for downloaded 7 times. McAfee Mobile Security is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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