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Developer: AppAtomic Limited
Categories: Tools
Android version: 6.0+
Size: 37.7 MB
Downloads: 55
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Updated: 30.07.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Military grade encryption.
  • Bypass blocking.
  • Connect up to three devices.
  • The program is compatible with all popular browsers.
  • Masks the real location of the user.
  • Free trial for 7 days.


  • Only 1 server is available in the free version.
  • Advertising is present.
  • High cost of premium.
  • There is no Russian translation.


VPNhub is a free browsing bypass app for Pornhub.

This company has introduced its own VPN service for its own site. Pornhub is known for its black and orange color scheme, so they decided to make their service the same so that every user knows about it. The interface of the application is not striking, and the general view is not cluttered with unnecessary buttons, so the user can find all the functions he needs.

The main VPNhub connect / disconnect button is available after launching the application and by pressing it once, you can enable VPNhub. To get access to a complete list of all servers, you need to click on the selected server of a specific country, which is currently active. The menu allows you to enter all the systems that the user needs, if necessary, report a problem or misunderstanding, see all frequently asked questions and answers to them, view the necessary information about services, change the default settings and buy the Premium version if the user is still didn't do it.

The following advantages of the service can be noted:

  • Easy to use;
  • Fast connection to servers;
  • Seven-day trial, after which you will be offered to pay for the premium version if you wish;
  • Convenient and stylish interface without complicated terms or buttons;
  • All the necessary information and instructions for using the application are on the main page.

Another minor disadvantage of the presented application is that it does not have such extensive functionality and settings as other services similar to it. It can be installed literally in one step, and since there are practically no settings in it (the necessary and basic ones are configured by default), you can start working with it almost immediately. Since this is a young service, you can see errors in the server network in it.

If the user will useIf you download a free version of this application, then it will have free access to only one server, which, by the way, does not always work stably. If the user nevertheless purchases the extended version, that is, the premium version, about thirty or more servers with a stable Internet and operability will be opened for him. The largest number of servers are located in the United States of America, but it is possible to connect to countries such as Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain and many other countries of the world.

Although the list of countries represented by this service is small, their speed and performance are at the maximum level. The application does not take up much space on the device and does not contain malware and files, so anyone can install and use it. The developers have taken care of maintaining the confidentiality of each client, so the entered data will in no way be disseminated or used for any additional purposes that harm the user.

As for privacy, the app developers claim that no one will be able to track user actions inside the program. In addition, the developers assure that the application does not transfer personal information to other users or programs. However, it is worth noting one unpleasant fact: when entering the application, the system can collect and analyze the information received from the user in order to verify his identity for automatic entry into the so-called accounting. In addition, the user, by agreeing to the privacy policy, agrees and accepts the laws of the United States of America. Before contacting support, you should carefully study and read all frequently asked questions and find out the answers to them.

In case the user cannot find in��Q & A, he can contact support directly via email. The service does not have a chat with live people, so it will not be possible to get an instant answer. However, the developers say that the answer can be received within five working days, and with the premium version, even in a day. This application is fully available for users of Android and other operating systems, and for PC clients it is available only in the paid version of the program. Also, in the premium version, you can connect to many servers simultaneously on three devices. P

The application can be installed by anyone and is completely free. It contains ads, which can be disabled by purchasing an advanced version of the service.

VPNhub for downloaded 55 times. VPNhub is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Added: 2020-09-07
Added: 2020-09-07
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