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Охотники за тайнами

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Developer: Big Fish Games
Categories: Adventure
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 59.9 MB
Downloads: 0
0 / 0
Updated: 08.02.2021
Limitations: Everyone 10+


Mystery Hunters is a puzzle game in which every user can feel like a real hunter of adventure and mystery. It has its own history.

Game Features

The main character has no energy left to work, since the last investigation was very difficult and "squeezed all the juice out." For this reason, he decides to take a vacation and take a little break from workdays, gain strength. The whole story begins when the hero gets on the train, and, at first glance, does not bode well for anything.

But here, suddenly, from nowhere, unknown creatures begin to appear in the carriage. They have hoods on their heads, making it difficult to see their faces. They start terrorizing passengers. Therefore, a true hunter completely forgets about his rest and begins to engage in a very exciting investigation.

There is an assumption that these creatures are hunting for a specific passenger. But the complication is that they won't stop until they find him. It is not known who this passenger is, and what these creatures need from him. The hero must definitely deal with what is happening in order to prevent the worst.

Any user of a smartphone or tablet running on the android operating system can download such a game. It will be completely free to do this if you download the installation file in APK format directly from your browser.

Game Benefits

The game is very addicting, as you won't be able to relax here. The player must constantly think over each of his steps in order to come to the correct conclusion and deal with the task.

The main advantage is a very addictive gameplay. The developers have made sure that users are interested in spending every minute with the game. Therefore, unexpected events can occur here at every step.

In addition, it should be noted that the game will be convenient to play on devices with different screen sizes. It has an adaptive interface, expands to full screen, and even beginners will not have difficulties with control. It is carried out on an intuitive level, does not require special knowledge and skills.

Mystery Hunters is an app for puzzle lovers. Here you need to constantly think and reflect on your decision in order to be one step ahead. Anything terrible should not be allowed to happen, so the player must use whatever is in his arsenal.

Охотники за тайнами for downloaded 0 times. Охотники за тайнами is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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