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Developer: Lookout Mobile Security
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 15.9 MB
Downloads: 4
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Lookout is a mobile antivirus for Android devices. Has the module "Secure Wi-Fi" and "System Assessment". Protects the phone from network attacks, which is necessary when using public access points and analyzes the system for security.

Program functions

To use the program, you must have an account with the program service. By entering the username and password at the first start, the user will see an offer to purchase the paid version and a list of functions that it supports. You can use only three functions for free. You can skip the purchase and use the free version.

After that, the button for enabling security functions will appear and the application will start scanning the phone. In the center of the window there will be an inscription about the process of analyzing all applications, the number of scanned and the total number of applications. If a vulnerability is found, a window will appear indicating the application with the vulnerability. The user can solve the problem immediately or postpone until a later date.

At the bottom of the main window are two sections: Theft Protection and Breach Report. The first section means protection against theft, in it you can enable the detection of the location of the phone in case of its loss, notification by e-mail about theft, and the program can take a picture of the intruder or the place where the phone was. It is also possible to turn on the siren that will turn on when stolen, this function requires access to the phone's "do not disturb" function. Screen lock is also configurable.

In the Breach Report section, you can enable notification about a compromised service on the phone, about the services that are on the phone. The application can also give advice on how to protect your data.

In the upper left corner there is a main menu button with sections:

  • Home is the main program window.
  • Security - security settings.
  • Theft alerts - theft alerts.
  • Breach Report - vulnerability alerts.
  • Account -account information.
  • Settings - program settings.
  • Help - help.
  • About - information about the program.
  • Redeem code - code to activate the premium version of the application.

The Security section contains tabs:

  • Apps - protect applications.
  • Web - scans internet traffic.
  • Wi-Fi - security analysis of wireless connections.
  • Privacy - privacy settings.

In the first tab, you can see the date of the last scan of applications and start a new scan. The Web tab is used to configure the analysis of web pages, the Wi-Fi tab enables the module to analyze the access points to which the user connects, the last tab contains a list of permissions and programs with these permissions.

In the application settings, you can disable unnecessary modules and notifications.


The app is worth downloading for those who value their phone and want to have more opportunities to return it if it is stolen or lost.

Lookout for downloaded 4 times. Lookout is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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