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NQ Mobile Security

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Developer: Big Cats Studio
Categories: Work
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 22.4 MB
Downloads: 10
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Updated: 30.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


NQ Mobile Security is a full-featured mobile application for Android OS that allows you to provide effective protection based on cloud technologies in real time. The program is able to protect a smartphone or tablet from many malicious applications, online threats and vulnerabilities. The protection of user data is also guaranteed, tools are offered to optimize the OS, to carry out backups.

Functionality and features of NQ Mobile Security

NQ Mobile Security is a very effective antivirus that can provide extremely effective smartphone protection. The operation of the application is based not only on built-in signatures, but also on the basis of cloud protection tools, heuristic technologies.

NQ Mobile Security with built-in antivirus offers powerful features - as a tool to protect personal data and eliminate potential threats from the external environment. You do not have to worry about the security of banking transactions carried out using a smartphone, filling in personal data on the site, etc. For all this, extremely effective protection tools are offered.

The main features of NQ Mobile Security for Android, for which it is worth downloading this application:

  • Quality protection against viruses and ensuring a high level of security;
  • Blocking from adware, trojans and worms, spyware. Moreover, the blocking of all this happens "on the fly", even before the sinister began to start his black business;
  • Automatic scanning of any application that is installed on a smartphone;
  • Scanning is carried out not only on the internal memory of the device, but also on an external memory card;
  • Databases are updated automatically, but you can also set manual update mode;
  • In addition, NQ Mobile Security provides high-quality protection against wiretapping, from unauthorizedRead the correspondence. Constant careful scanning is carried out in this regard;
  • Internet security is of a very high level. The user will simply not be allowed to go to dangerous sites, phishing services, etc.;
  • It also provides scanning of applications that are currently being downloaded to the device;
  • You can configure the security of your accounts in various services;
  • All personal data are carefully encrypted and protected. Without the knowledge of the antivirus, no service will have access to personal information, messages with codes and confirmations, etc.

NQ Mobile Security deserves attention also due to the fact that it offers effective tools to optimize the work of Android. Offering free, this program will help speed up your device. For example, automatically unloading from the device memory those programs that are not currently being used and only clog the RAM.

NQ Mobile Security has its own widget to speed up access.

NQ Mobile Security for downloaded 10 times. NQ Mobile Security is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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