If you don't have one of the best Android antivirus apps installed on your smartphone or tablet, then you're at risk of getting corrupted apps and other types of malware.

Your protection options are far from limited. The best Android antivirus apps offer not only top-notch malware detection and prevention, but also a range of privacy and anti-theft features. Most of them have a free trial, and some are completely free.

The apps offer near-perfect malware protection with a wide range of features.

Applications pass malware detection tests.

The apps have call blocking and anti-theft features.

The best Android antivirus apps offer not only top-notch malware detection and prevention, but also a range of privacy and anti-theft features. They can track your phone or tablet using GPS, take a picture of a phone thief using the device's camera, and even use your Android Wear smartwatch to find your phone.

1 Avira Security Antivirus & VPN
2 AVG AntiVirus & Security
3 Avast Antivirus & Security
4 Kaspersky Security & VPN
5 ESET Mobile Security Antivirus
6 Norton360 Antivirus & Security
7 Mobile Security & Antivirus
8 Anti-virus Dr.Web Light
9 Dr.Web Security Space
10 GO Security
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Avira Security Antivirus & VPN

Avira Antivirus is a free antivirus that guarantees excellent real-time protection without stressing the battery of your Android device. It is great for finding malware and has several useful features such as: anti-theft protection; filter to block unwanted numbers. Download and instal...
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AVG AntiVirus & Security

Every modern gadget needs reliable protection. One of the most functional, practical antiviruses, will reliably protect your device based on the Android OS. You can check installed and running applications, any files. And if your gadget is lost or stolen, it will now be easier to locate its l...
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Avast Antivirus & Security

Want to make your device more reliable, safer, more resistant to the latest viruses? Then this reliable antivirus is just for you. Moreover, if you install this application on your gadget and activate one very nice function, then it will be much easier to find your device even if it is lost. And you...
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Kaspersky Security & VPN

An antivirus program that has become almost synonymous with security. Many users have already appreciated the advantages of the application on a PC, so they are now ready to entrust the security of their gadgets. Any dangerous applications will be blocked, protection against Internet fraud at the hi...
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ESET Mobile Security Antivirus

Protecting your device from viruses should be simple, straightforward, secure. All this and even a little more can be obtained with the application, which is familiar to many PC owners. A huge set of opportunities, a simple process of management and installation, a huge selection of functions, co...
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Norton360 Antivirus & Security

Norton Mobily Security is Norton's antivirus that provides comprehensive protection for your Android mobile device. Main features of the application Provides reliable, effective and comprehensive protection of a mobile device against cyber threats and viruses. Protects confidential information...
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Mobile Security & Antivirus

NQ Mobile Security is a full-featured mobile application for Android OS that allows you to provide effective protection based on cloud technologies in real time. The program is able to protect a smartphone or tablet from many malicious applications, online threats and vulnerabilities. The protectio...
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Anti-virus Dr.Web Light

Eliminate any threats, provide protection against any threats, forget about the most dangerous viruses and hacks. Now even the most encoded file, the twin site will be powerless in front of the antivirus. The language of the settings is Russian, and this is an opportunity to customize all the pa...
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Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space provides comprehensive protection of a mobile device against any threats. This antivirus will allow you not to worry about installing any viruses on your mobile phone. In this application, you can put an automatic scan for viruses, which will run at intervals you set. If the ap...
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GO Security

GO Security is a mobile application that can rightfully be considered one of the best mobile antiviruses. GO Security App Features GO Security is considered a very high quality mobile antivirus, because this application gives you more options. GO Security belongs to the genre of tool applicat...