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Cats Quiz Guess Popular Breeds

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Developer: Andrey Solovyev
Categories: Trivia
Android version: 4.2+
Size: 10.1 MB
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Updated: 15.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Cats: Photo Quiz is a fun and at the same time educational application for Android, which every cat lover must have.

What are the advantages and features of the application

Cats have lived together in harmony with humans since 3000 BC. Known in Ancient Egypt. Archaeological findings in this region point to the African wild cat or black cat (Felix sylvestris lybica) as the first ancestor of the domestic cat.

In fact, the African wildcat is now often kept as a pet by traditional peoples. Research in South Africa found no difference between the domestic cat and the African wild cat using DNA mapping techniques. However, the European wildcat (Felis sylvestris sylvestris), which is often believed to have played a role in the development of the cat as a pet, is clearly different from the two.

An African wildcat, attracted by the mice and rats present there, searched nearby for Egyptian granaries on the banks of the Nile. By destroying rodents, cats made themselves popular among the population. In addition, the early domestic cats benefited from the fact that there were fewer predators compared to the surrounding areas, and that because of their proximity to humans, they could breed with a much greater chance of success.

If you didn't know all this, we recommend downloading a quiz dedicated exclusively to cats. There are more than fifty breeds of representatives of the mustache-striped family to be guessed.

Several game modes are offered:

  • Guessing the breed by letter;
  • Passing tests, including multiple choice;
  • Timed games - you need to give the maximum number of correct answers within one minute.

The developers have also provided for the presence of two training modes - in the form of flash cards and a table of cat breeds.

Teaching material willjust fun to see at your leisure. After all, cats are cute and funny animals that are able to cheer everyone up with just their appearance.

Currently, the quiz has been translated into several languages, including Russian. This alone speaks of her popularity. If you have already answered all the proposed questions correctly, you can offer them to your friends. Why not throw a fun and friendly party for your favorite pets? This will turn out to be a very good reason to meet and solve the quiz.

The program is offered free of charge, but contains advertising content. You can turn off ads for an additional fee.

With each new version, the application becomes faster and more convenient in everyday use.

Over time, it is planned to release new issues of quizzes dedicated to cats. It is recommended that you closely monitor all upcoming updates.

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