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Garena Free Fire: Страна Чудес

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Categories: Action
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 41.3 MB
Downloads: 100
4.5 / 2
Updated: 29.04.2020


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Support for voice chat.
  • Quick 10 minute matches.
  • Unlocks new characters.
  • A variety of weapons.
  • Free to play.


  • Donate is present.
  • High system requirements.
  • Not the best matchmaking.


Garena Free Fire: Wonderland is a unique shooter in which the player is invited to fight his opponents using logic and out-of-the-box thinking. The game provides the opportunity to go to the lost island and win the battle for life and death.

General description

50 players take part in the battle, who want to become the first in Garena Free Fire, so the battle will not be easy. You can explore a really huge map using a variety of modes of transport, such as: cars, boats, boats. A hidden mode is also available to the player, it is enough to take cover in tall grass, trenches, trenches and it will be more difficult for the enemy to find him.

As you progress through the game, new abilities and skills are revealed, weapons and methods of murder are added. You can lie in wait for opponents, depriving them of their lives from hiding. There is only one way out - to win using a variety of means. You can cooperate with other users and create a powerful clan, with whose help the possibility of victory increases. The game also offers boxes with a varied arsenal of weapons. However, it should be borne in mind that there will be many opponents at the drop site that need to be destroyed.

A real massacre will take place in the locations of the boxes. The game is epic, so you should be careful when approaching such points. Otherwise, the player can easily become the target of other players.

At the same time, the game interface is convenient and understandable, even for those who have never heard of Garena Free Fire before. In addition, the game is available for free download and is suitable for the android platform. Realistic graphics and properly selected soundtrack help you to better feel the atmosphere of the application. The game does not cause boredom, you can stay in it indefinitely, as it is filled with excellent graphics. An important rule is to remember that the enemy is not asleep, he isIt can hide anywhere, so you need to carefully peer into the surrounding textures.

The round lasts 10 minutes, during which you need to apply all the skills to survive. Apply various types of weapons, medicines, choose armor and equip yourself. The one who remains the only one on the island will win.

Game Features

The game reminds of the famous PUBG, but has distinctive features such as:

  • Support for voice communication. You can connect a headset and contact your own team. It should be remembered that only 4 people can connect.
  • Fast technical support. In case of errors, it is enough to contact those. support that will solve the problematic issue in a short time.
  • Various tactical elements. They add variety to the game and don't let you get bored. It is possible to choose an individual behavior in battle or build a team tactics.

Games for two three 4 players are several mini-games in one application, it helps to entertain several people during their passing. At the same time, the application supports both multi-mode and single. In total, the collection contains about 15 games, so you will definitely not be bored.


The application is simple and straightforward to use, it can be used by up to 4 players of completely different ages. The games are selected in such a way that they will be interesting to people, regardless of their gender or preferences. Arcade games are easy, and the musical accompaniment and interface does not let you get bored of the process. With controls, you can go broke in a couple of minutes, as it is represented by one button, highlighted in the user's color in the game space. There are different modes available, which will depend on the action to be performed.

The game is divided into several rounds, the goal of which is to score a certain number of points. After reaching their limit, the round ends �� a new one starts. At the end, the points are counted and the winner is announced. This increases the spirit of competition and also develops interest in the gameplay. There is a desire to beat the opponent and become a winner.

There are different options for displaying arcades, for example, in some, the screen is divided into several parts. This increases the complexity and spirit of competition, as in each separate area the user will perform their own actions to score points. This does not change the rules, but it becomes more interesting to play.

There are a huge number of mini-arcades, thanks to which the joint game will be varied and exciting. So, there are games such as: tanks, in which you need to beat your opponent on the battlefield, fighting on real tanks, football, where you need to score a goal by driving the ball into the goal and score more points. The game also provides an opportunity to play snake, cars, chicken races. So you definitely won't be bored.


In addition to a large collection of mini-games, the application has several features that make it unlike other similar arcade games. These include:

  • Different game modes. Thanks to this feature, it becomes several times more interesting to play, and the gameplay becomes more varied.
  • Up to 4 players can participate. In addition to the fact that the game has a multi-mode, it can be used alone. The enemy, in this case, will be a computer mechanism. It doesn't make the game boring, and the spirit of competition will not disappear.
  • Only one control button. The interface does not take much time to parse, since it is represented by a single button, so you can safely play, regardless of the level of knowledge of game technologies.
  • There is a possibility of team play. If more than three people are involved, then you can play the cup, breaking into teams.
  • Free download. The application can be downloaded to your phone without investing extra money. It is available for android phones and is publicly available.

Garena Free Fire: Страна Чудес for downloaded 100 times. Garena Free Fire: Страна Чудес is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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