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Dragon City

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Developer: Socialpoint
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 137.3 MB
Downloads: 4
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Updated: 30.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Dragon City is a cool mobile simulator, your task is to become the master among the dragons and breed as many of them as possible!

Dragon City Features

As mentioned earlier, the game belongs to simulators, because in it you will not need to perform any very complex actions. All you have to do is keep an eye on the dragons.

Next, you need to talk about the requirements of this game. In order for you to successfully use Dragon City you need to have a mobile phone with an android. But, you need the android version to be at least 4.1. (if more, then this is good). In the event that the requirements for the android version do not match, then you better not even try to install the Dragon City game.

Also, in addition to the requirements for the android version, there are also requirements for the memory of the smartphone. And here everything is much more complicated. The application is quite heavy - 132 megabytes. Newer mobile phones should be able to handle this easily, but early devices may not have that much free memory. If you do not have enough memory, then it is recommended to delete unnecessary files.

Dragon City is a very cool game and most likely because of this it is very popular among users. Dragon City is often installed on their smartphones and played for fun!

Description of the game Dragon City for Android

The game has a very cool gameplay, which is almost impossible to tear yourself away from, because each of us imagined a dragon, and in Dragon City you have the opportunity to become the real master of all dragons! And there are quite a few dragons here.

The game has several interesting features. The best of these is a two-player battle. This feature allows you to travel to the battlefield with another player. Here you must choose your strongest dragon and go to battle! Do not even try to return without a victory.

Separately, it must be said about the abilities of dragons, because many players do not even knowAssuming that each dragon has its own unique abilities, each of them attacks differently than the previous one. But, it is also important that in Dragon City you can upgrade your dragons so that it becomes even better and so that no rival can divide you and your army of dragons!

There are in-app purchases in the app. You are given the opportunity to purchase game currency, or some kind of dragon for real money. If you wish, you can do this and improve your dragon army.

Dragon City Game Features:

  • Dragon City is a whole village with dragons, and you have to become the main one
  • Dragon City has very cool graphics, each dragon is detailed
  • Each dragon has its own unique abilities, unlock as many dragons as possible and fight them on the battlefield with rivals
  • Dragon City gives you the opportunity to improve your game with real money purchases
  • The game gives you the opportunity to upgrade your dragons to become better and more dangerous
  • Good soundtrack can be called another plus of the game

Dragon City for downloaded 4 times. Dragon City is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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