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Bow Hunting Duel

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Developer: Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.3+
Size: 76.7 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 17.09.2020
Limitations: Teen


Bow Hunting Duel is a kind of unique hunting simulator for Android, which is mainly focused on the hunting process with a bow and arrow.

Gameplay and toy pros

It would seem that the owners of mobile phones are difficult to surprise with new hunting simulators. What unique hunting conditions did not attract the developers!

However, Bow Hunting Duel is capable of generating interest. If only because he offers to hunt exclusively with the help of a bow and arrow.

So, the hunting season is open - and you have to go through trials in order to win the title of the best hunter in the world. Uncover your bow and arrows. True, the bow is not quite ordinary, but the most modern, designed according to all the rules of the latest technologies.

No, not a single animal will be harmed. After all, you need to hunt in the virtual space. But this does not make the process less interesting. After all, in Bow Hunting Duel, everything looks pretty realistic. And what is it worth just the ability to equip your bow with a telescopic sight!

Go to a hunting duel in this one-on-one online game. The essence of the game is in a duel with an opponent. First you need to choose the right equipment, then pay the entrance fee - and now you are on the hunting trail.

The process will delight you with a variety of proposed locations - forests, a grand canyon ... There is no shortage of production. These are wolves, bears and other wild animals.

Compete in different places around the world with other hunters of the same kind, take part in the hunt for the most real wild animals.

Over time, both new hunting locations and new animals will open up. Of course, it will not do without pumping your trusty bow! Fortunately for him, the developers have provided a lot of different body kits and improvements.

Why is it still possible to recommend downloading this toy:

  • Bow Hunting Duel offers an original hunting concept & ndash; one on one, when the competition takes place with real players around the world;
  • Hunting with bows and arrows can really tighten. She has her own special charm and is supposed to challenge completely unique skills;
  • Realistic recreation of real places on Earth. This is Scotland and New Zealand, Yellowstone Park;
  • All this is accompanied by very beautiful graphics and excellent sound background;
  • It is worth noting the well-developed physics in the game. This applies to both the flight of an arrow and the need to sneak up on animals - observing all the rules of hunting precautions;
  • A well-implemented system of rewards and achievements. For the money earned, you can and should buy new bows and arrows, improve what you already have. Well, to get a truly unique reward, you can try your luck in the so-called chest simulator.

Even if you are not an avid hunter, the Bow Hunting Duel is sure to be able to pull you in for a long time. Excitement and good mood are guaranteed for long hours of gameplay.

By the way, the Hunting Duel is offered for free with all its advantages.

Bow Hunting Duel for downloaded 2 times. Bow Hunting Duel is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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