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Battle Simulator World War 2 - Stickman Warriors

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Developer: Gamtertainment
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 47.9 MB
Downloads: 8
0 / 0
Updated: 04.09.2020
Limitations: Teen


World War 2 is a World War II wargame. The game is available on Android mobile devices.

Capabilities and features of the application

  • The game has numerous modes: from classic and team deathmatch, to capturing points, or even arms races.
  • Colorful and juicy graphics will not leave a gamer indifferent: the project can be considered a mobile analogue of the famous Battlefield.
  • Tactical best practices play an equally important role: here, as in most wargames, you need to quickly analyze the situation and act based on a specific situation (you can use cover, hide in trenches and use mutual assistance to achieve a result).
  • The game adheres to the principle of equalizing forces: no specific combat classes, the skills of the fighters depend solely on the real skills of the gamer.
  • The game allows a group of players up to 10 people to participate in online battles in a single session.
  • The game provides several combat sides: you can play both for the USSR, Germany, and for the USA, Japan.
  • A huge number of weapons are available: pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, knives, submachine guns, machine guns and even experimental flamethrowers - you can use the advanced wartime arsenal of the Second World era to exterminate your enemies.

In general, despite the abundance of wargames on mobile devices (including games that copy the gameplay cleanly from more "senior" brothers in status on PCs and game consoles), WW2B specifically differs in quality and variety: due to numerous modes, historical surroundings and decent graphics enough to arrange military battles online will not get bored literally in a few hours. Moreover, the game is not very demanding on the hardware and will work on mobile devices running Android older than version 4.4. The game cache does not exceed a gigabyte of memory, so the wargame can be installed on rather outdated phones (with a gigabyte of RAM), for example. In general, the graphics component can remind the first parts of the famous Call Of Duty, which, given the compactness and adaptation of the game for weak mobile devices, is a pretty decent indicator.

Battle Simulator World War 2 - Stickman Warriors for downloaded 8 times. Battle Simulator World War 2 - Stickman Warriors is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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